There are many factors today that complicate the settlement of inheritances.

Often the cause is the many shifts caused by changes in society assets in several countries, a changed family composition, and may be children with different parents.

In this context, it is more important than ever to anticipate the transmission of assets. We also assist and advise you in the early organisation of your succession.

Whether the deceased has or has not organised his or her succession, conflicts may arise between the heirs in order to ensure that his or her last wishes are respected, both under French and Danish law. These conflicts may need the use of various European and international regulation.

Our law firm assists you in the settlement of such conflicting successions. Indeed, French law imposes the respect of certain rules such as hereditary reserve. However, each person retains the free disposal of the rest of his or her assets, called the available share. In the absence of descendants or a partner, the succession can generally be freely organised.