The firm’s fees are set on a case-to-case basis depending on your situation, the difficulty of the case, the costs incurred, and the work to be done.

The firm’s fees will be the subject of a fee agreement specifying the amount and method of fixing the fees, as well as the costs and expenses envisaged.

Depending on the nature of the file you wish to entrust to Mr. Pedersen, the fees may be invoiced at an hourly rate or according to a fixed fee. A result-based fee may also be provided for.

In case of diligence not included in the fixed price or if the number of hours fixed in the initial fixed price is exceeded due to new circumstances affecting the progress of the case, the additional services will be invoiced (in prior agreement with the client) on the basis of the lawyer’s hourly rate. 

The fees will be subject to a provision to be applied against the fees. 

Fees may be paid by cheque or bank transfer.