Damages – liability

Damage liability constitutes the obligation to repair any damage caused to others. This damage can result from many different situations.

The law firm can assist you in determining your rights and possibilities in a variety of situations such as car accident, ski accidents or situations that can have serious consequences.

Damage liability can arise from a contractual or non-contractual relationship.

Mr Pedersen will assist you in cases such as traffic accidents or other personal injuries in Denmark and France, defective products, animals and buildings and our Law Firm will propose you appropriate solutions, amicable at first, and contentious if necessary, in order to obtain the best possible compensation for your loss.

The compensation processing times can be particularly slow due to the rime required for consolidation. It is also important to ensure that the medical report prepared by the insurance company’s designated doctor is prepared and that all the treatment in connection with your injury is documented.

Before the French courts, our Law firm will ensure that all your injuries, such as the loss of validity, income, daily needed assistance, or even the opportunity to play sports, the need to resort to home help, are sufficiently compensated.