Company Law

We assist you in the establishment of your company or business, administrative formalities raising for your project and the tax optimization of your company.

Our objective is to enable you to structure your entity in order to give it the best legal security and to prevent the different aspects of your professional life from encroaching on your personal life.

As a functioning company welcomes new partners, our law firm assists you in consolidating these social and commercial relations, allowing your company to develop within the best conditions

The French Law “PACTE” of 22 May 2019 has modified several aspects of company law that could be in your favour.

This law simplifies and lightens the procedures for setting up a company and transferring a business in France by introducing modern, dematerialized measures to make it easier for you to set up your company.

The SOIHILI law, which came into force 2 months after the pact law, also makes changes to company law by impacting operations on the business.